Sunday, September 16, 2012


 A friend (a professional caterer) said, "I can't give up pasta!!"  And I said:

"There's no reason you can't eat pasta.  But if you get a scale and REALLY weigh your pasta in grams and portion it out, you will see what you can actually accommodate.   I wanted to eat popcorn, my one guilty pleasure, and I said "Oh I'll just weigh it out".  I did and I couldn't bring myself to consume that many calories.  If you're serious about a little weight loss, weigh the pasta and don't eat more that 150 calories (not including sauce or butter) at a time.  You can make your own tomato sauce (imagine me telling YOU how to cook something!).  Just put the tomatoes in a Cuisinart with some basil and garlic and let fly.  You do NOT need any oil.  Period.

BREAK HABITS and you will BREAK INTO NEW PANTS - I promise."

Everyone has been asking to see photos of my weight loss. Here are some pics. Mind you, I think I still look like The Goodyear Blimp, but everyone thinks I have lost a lot. I guess I have. See for yourself:

                                         This is 426 lbs - 8 years ago, 2004

                                            And this is today, 9/16/12 - 270 lbs.
                                                 I guess it's a start anyway.

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