Monday, August 27, 2012

DAY 49 - WOW WOW and once again WOW

I woke up this morning,  spent some time on the phone with an old, old and dear friend.  Then I took my meds and decided to go to the doctor's and weigh.

I have lost 44 pounds!!!  I couldn't believe the scales so I got on and off 3 times, and it's 44 pounds.

My doctor said, "Glorious, now go home and eat."  Then she said, "Richard, let's go to 250!"

Which is 23 more pounds.  WOW

Who cares what I eat today. 


Anonymous said...

Yes, WOW! WD

Rick said...

"Wow" my ass. You've been eating like a bird Richard. I'm surprised you didn't have to be carried to the doctor to be weighed.
I'm sorry. That's was just a jealous outburst.
Good for you Richard!