Sunday, July 15, 2012


Woke up this morning with a fasting blood sugar of 69.
That's, obviously, too low.  So I ate and egg, activia lite
and some blueberries - and took my shower.  Before leaving my apartment I took my sugar again.  It was 106, still a little too low for driving 33 miles and playing a church service.  So I call my doctor and she said to eat a little more and I did.  I stopped and got a sausage and egg biscuit at MacDonald's.  I already knew the calories.  And then I felt fine.

But I correctly did NOT take my diabetic medicine, not with a fasting sugar of 69!  The point of this:  BE CAREFUL.

Activia Lite = 70 cal
Hard boiled egg = 70 cal
Blueberries = 60 cals
Sausage Biscuit = 400 cal.  (ugh)
Total = 600 calories

Lunch - checked my sugars before I ate = 114.  Still low.
I can chunk tuna = 120 cal.
2 Tbs Hellman's lite Mayo = 70
I cup cantaloupe = 50
Total =  240

Blood sugar before dinner = 79 !!  Not eating enough

6 oz grilled center cut pork chop boneless = 390
Veggies = 70
6 oz blackberries= 72
Total Dinner = 530
Total for the Day = 1379 actually, not bad

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Rick said...

Richard I feel lighter just reading your posts. Continued success to you and keep posting. It will do us all good.
You might motivate me yet. Last night I decided to have a salad for dinner but...then I added about 500 calories of sunflower seeds, coutons, and cheese. :(