Saturday, July 14, 2012


Woke up this morning with a fasting blood sugar of 97!!  That is unheard of (for me) and wonderful! (So my plan is working)

I haven't weighed because I don't have a scale.  A few words about weighing and a tip.  I learned at Structure House  
a long time ago to WEIGH EVERY MORNING FIRST THING.  So here's how.  Get out of bed, go to the bathroom and (fill in the blank) take off every stitch of clothing and weigh.  This is before you even drink any water!!  THAT will be your true weight.  Do NOT wait until you're dressed and halfway through your day, do it first thing in the morning.

Weigh every day will let you know how you're doing.  If you only weigh once a week (especially if you've been sticking to you eating program) you may feel that you've lost more weight that you have.  So once a day will keep you sane, I promise.  Just make sure you're naked, or at least wearing the exact same clothes every time.

Activia Lite = 70 Calories
1 hard boiled egg = 70 calories
1 slice Boar's Head Lo-sodium ham = 60 calories
4 oz blueberries = 40 calories
That's 250 calories - right on target.

Here's another tip:  If you have a smart phone, get the app CalorieKing - it will tell you the exact calories in ounces, grams or whatever.  You have to jump through a few hoops to set it up, but it's the easiest of the apps to use.  And IT'S FREE.

5 oz Pork Chop (Loin cut, no bone) =165 calories
90 gms mixed veggies (Micro) = 70 Cal.
That's 235 calories for lunch. 
     Hint:  Pork Chop grilled on George Forman Grill)

Dinner - (blood sugar before dinner = 114)
4 oz Angus beef steak, grilled = 264 cal.
92 gms corn in microwave = 70 cal.
Total for dinner = 334 (right on target)
Total for the day = 819 - perfect

Will still eat a small snack (protein) at bed time. 

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