Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DAY 21

Yesterday, I had some very carefully laid plans fall completely apart.  It made me nuts.  At first I had a moment of panic, then I wanted to eat.  THERE IT WAS - THE TIGER JUMPING  OUT OF ITS CAGE.  Fortunately, I recognized him as he crept out of his lair and I immediately whisked him back in his cage and locked the door.  And went on with my day.  But there was the proof once again that STRESS LEADS TO FOOD FOR ME.  I literally wanted to go cram something in my mouth.  But I didn't.

What did I do?  I learned what the antecedent was to that eating and I blocked it with another activity.  That's a lesson I learned in 1983 and have never forgotten.  DO SOMETHING ELSE:  Go for a walk, Take a nap, Clean out a closet or a drawer.  Just do something else and the desire to EAT will pass.  (Notice I didn't say hunger.)

Now, there are two kinds of hunger:  one is "I'm needing nutrition." and the other is "I want to eat".  AND they are two entirely different things.  We have to eat to stay alive.  But we EAT TO LIVE, not LIVE TO EAT.  

Every addiction can be controlled, even food addiction.  But FOOD is the only addiction we have to take out and deal with three times a day.  Any other addiction we can live without: smoking, gambling, sex, alcohol, dope.  We don't HAVE to do those things, therefore we can lock them in a cage and throw away the key.  Food we have to take out every day and deal with.  Let's all be Lion Tamers and control the animal and make him work for us!

Morning Sugars = 128

1 Activia Lite = 70
1 Hard-boiled egg = 70
1 slice Lo sodium ham = 60
TOTAL = 200 

1 Portabello Mushroom Cap (3 oz ) = 56 cals
2 Tbs Hellman's Low Fat Mayo (I changed) = 30
1 slice Low Sodium Boar's Head Ham = 70
2 slices fresh North Carolina tomato = 12
2 slices Sargento low sodium Provalone = 100
TOTAL = 278 calories!!

4 oz Loin Pork Chop (boneless) = 132
Brussel Sprouts = 50
1 Tsp Margarine =  30
TOTAL = 212

Will eat 200 cals at bed time 


Rick said...

You're like a good song Richard, very inspirational.
Yes, we should just eat to live but...making and serving food is America's last? major industry.

Anonymous said...

When I eat, I use the phrase "mindful" not "mindless".
I would encourage you to find your "right" path.
There is a moment in everyone's life when
the "real truth" becomes crystal clear. Knowing
the truth of our situation. My truth is the
word "mindful" when I eat, I consider what
I am eating and why. You are a remarkable man who
has positively impacted SO many people.
You deserve peace in ALL the areas of your life.

Evelyn said...

Dearest Richard,
Truer words were never spoken. You are an inspiration to anyone dealing with any sort of monkey on their back. I love you, and wield the whip along side you (mine isn't nearly as sweet as a lion or a tiger...).