Monday, May 9, 2011


I'm afraid the Physical Therapy is not helping the right leg. I can't put any weight on it and, therefore, cannot use my cane. This is a sure sign of spinal stenosis (narrowing) in some form. So I am seeing the head of the Spine Center at UNC on Friday. Say a prayer. Surgery may be necessary, but not necessarily.

Worst case is that I would have to use a walker the rest of my life. I don't want to do that, but will if I have to. Stay tuned. There is no pain at all, just a weakness in the right leg.


Kenneth Walsh said...

Thinking of you in the (212).

CJ/Rick said...

I'm thankful you're in no pain but I know you don't want to resort to a walker. Hell my father is in his 90's and doesn't want to use a walker. I hope you get some good news Richard.
Somebody somewhere is praying just for you!

Jan said...

Richard, stay the course....keep the positive attitude. I know the Lord will do what is right for you. I pray for you every day.....Hope to talk to you soon. And what a blessing you are not in pain. Jan