Friday, May 13, 2011


So I went by ambulance this morning to the UNC Spine Center and Dr. Moe Lim, who is the head of it.

I had a thorough work-up and was examined by 2 doctors as well as Dr. Lim. They were amazed there is no pain in my right leg, BUT there is no muscle tone either. They looked over my MRI results and my x-rays of my hip.

Dr. Lim said one disk had slipped slightly on the adjoining one and that is causing the leg to be weak. He also said I was NOT a candidate for surgery because of my physical condition (weak kidneys, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, general health) and would not do surgery. Surgery would entail rods and things and I would probably not make it through the operation. So that's a relief knowing that won't happen.

He also said there was no reason for me to remain in rehab since all I needed was Physical Therapy and I can get that at home from UNC Home Health 7 days a week. He also said there was no reason I couldn't get back to the cane in a few weeks. And also drive my car to do the things I need to do.

So, the plan is that I will go home next Tuesday, the 17th, just as soon as OT and PT get things ready in my house. And not before.

This is wonderful news because I don't want to use my Medicare days in rehab when I don't need to be here.They will only approve 90 days and one doesn't know when one might need them for something more serious.

God is good and I am happy. I will GRADUALLY return to my normal life and schedule. I may even teach my favorite students at my house, which will be a novelty, I'm sure.

Please keep me in your prayers.




Rambling Judy said...

You are in my prayers. I just discovered your blog a few days ago.

CJ/Rick said...

You are and have been Richard. I'm so glad you're going home. Wish I were close by I'd bring you a caserole and potted plant.
Keep us updated!