Friday, May 6, 2011


After being discouraged all night and worrying, today I got into the therapy pool here at Rehab. It is the most amazing contraption. They drove the wheelchair onto a steel grate over the pool and rolled in beside two bars. They had me stand, they removed the chair and then lowered the entire thing down into 4 feet of warm water. There are 2 video monitors beside the pool in front of you so that you can see what your feet and legs are doing! It is also a treadmill under the water.

So, they turned on the treadmill and I walked and walked. And then did every stretching exercise you can imagine: bending, water weights, and balance exercises. I couldn't believe an hour had passed. At the end, the delightful physical therapists who have been working with me all week assured me I would be able to leave here in two weeks or less! I burst into tears (what a sissy!) but I was so happy to know that I will be returning to my normal life and work.

God is Good to me!


CJ/Rick said...

You hang in there Richard.
When I was a young fella living in Hot Springs, AR I hurt my back and went to a rehab where they also had the thermal baths etc. It was a great relief for me but I was amazed at what they were doing for people severely injured or with arthritis. They would hoist them up and down into the water and the patients would come alive. Continued success Richard! You'll be home soon!

Kenneth Walsh said...

Worried about you, Mother. Glad to hear you're rehabbing ... take good care and keep us posted on your progress.