Thursday, January 7, 2010


Terry Moore (why is she pretending to be wearing 4-inch heels?? So 50's you could puke!)

Terry Moore was born Helen Koford on this date in 1929. She was a film icon in the 50's and 60's - mainly because of her big ta-tas.

She was married to Howard Hughes - mainly because of her big ta-tas (which was a "thing" for Hughes. That's why he kept Jane Russell on contract for 21 years!!)

Terry got an academy award nomination her work in Peyton Place (which my mother told me NOT to go and see s0 and I promptly went to the Arcade Theater at home and saw it!)

Moore lived with Howard Hughes briefly in a small duplex or cabin at his Tule Springs Ranch near Las Vegas, Nevada. After he died, Moore claimed that they married secretly in 1949, and never divorced. She failed to provide any evidence of a marriage, but the Hughes's estate paid her a settlement in 1984.

Those big ta-tas finally paid off, I guess.

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