Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Who can ever forget Sunday nights and Loretta Young whirling in that damn door?
I know I never will. I thought she could do anything back in those days, and she probably could. She had a huge and lengthy career.

She was famous for not allowing profanity on her sets and for being a rabid Roman Catholic, going to Mass almost every day.

The story is told that a very outspoken actress appeared on her show one week. When rehearsals started, the actress let fly with a cuss word and got an immediate look from Loretta and was required to put $1 in a cup for the poor as a result.

It is said that the actress looked at Loretta, and then pulled out a $100-bill, stuffed it in the cup and said, "Fuck this shit! This is for the week!"

Loretta, in my opinion, falsely pious, also had an illegitimate girl child with none other than Clark Gable. It's the truth.

She was born on this date in 1913 and won an oscar for "The Farmer's Daughter".

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You Oughtta Know said...

I had always read it was Ethel Mermam who asked Loretta how much it would cost for her to go fuck herself.