Monday, November 30, 2009

The Varsity Theater, Chapel Hill

Yes, the treasured Varsity Theater is open once again! All rejoice and sing hallelujah (like the song says!).

I first went to the Varsity in the 80's when it was still in its ORIGINAL configuration: a single theater with a balcony. I love balconies, by the way! But in the 90's "they" split it in half sideways and created an upstairs theater which was NEVER comfortable, especially in the leg room department. And the aspect ratio viewing that upstairs screen was never correct. That's probably too technical.

Now, it's opened and promises to be a big hit. They're going to also use it for "events" and best of all, will only charge $3.00 for ticket prices to the movies. They also promise popcorn without trans fat.

I, personally wish they would take out the ceiling and make it a balcony once again. I know, I know that isn't financially practical nor would it fit in with their plans.

I'm just glad it's functioning once again. Prayers DO get answered.

CLICK HERE to read more about it.

And go out to a movie tonight!

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