Friday, December 13, 2013


Went to my kidney specialist today and the news is that my kidney function has decreased somewhat.

We are not sure if this is due to dehydration caused by some temporary illness, or a steady downward progression.

Anyway, I have been told to be come a strict VEGETARIAN.

And that's fine with me.  I haven't had beef in a year, nor fish.  And I'm so sick of chicken and pork.  So I'm left with veggies and eggs - just fine with me.  There is great variety there.

I was also given a phosphorous binder to get that chemical out of my body quickly because the kidneys don't filter it out.  The binder is $1400 per month, thank goodness Medicare Part D pays all of that. 

So that' where we are.  Don't worry, my Dr. Sanford is wonderful and I trust him completely.  I begin transplant work-up in January.  Something to look forward to as I turn 7o.  I'm older than I ever intended to be.

Say a prayer please.  Fred and Wilma kinda need it.


Sharon said...

Sending prayers, good luck on your new diet!

Anonymous said...

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