Friday, November 22, 2013


ASSASSINATION: Webster's says: 1 : to injure or destroy unexpectedly and treacherously.

And that's what it was: unexpected and treacherous. Remember that we had been through eight years of Dwight Eisenhower and Mamie

Kennedy was inspirational in the way he talked to us and gave us hope and purpose and I'm not speaking politically at all. We were so proud that he was in the White House; he had such a class it was unbelievable. In short he and Jackie were rock stars. 

I'm sure you all remember the furor over Princess Diana. The Kennedys were 10 times that! And it had nothing to do with politics, because politically he was very unpopular in many places, especially Dallas. But his beautiful wife and those wonderful children and he was gunned down in the streets of Dallas Texas I'll never forget it. 

Death at a young age immortalizes most people think of George Gershwin. think of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean: it just happens. Gone too soon. All of them.

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Thanks for your thoughtful words.