Sunday, June 9, 2013


Last Monday, my blood pressure was up at my doctor visit.  On this same day we did a blood draw and my creatinine was up (kidney function indicator).

I noticed that I thought my blood pressure patch "might" have come loose, but didn't do anything about it.

I was then asked to repeat the blood test on Thursday, which I did.

At 6pm my doctor called and ordered me to the UNC-ER to have Nephrology take a look at my kidney situation BECAUSE the creatinine was slightly worse than on Monday.

So at 6pm I drive myself in the pouring thunderstorm to the ER, where I sit for hours.  Blood pressure at this point was 220/90.  Yes too high.  I began to figure out something was wrong with the patch.  

They finally dopplared my kidneys and bladder to ascertain if there were any obstructions there.

Then it took 4 hours for them to read the results in the ER.  By this time it was 1:15am - and the attending physician let me go home because there was no obstruction.  So I drove home.  Pressure was still high 190/80.

When I got home, I realized my blood pressure patch was half unstuck to my arm AND SO I CHANGED IT and went to bed.

By the time I woke up 6 hours later, my doctor called and asked me to come in the her office and check my pressure - and I do as I am told - and I got in the car, went by the bank and headed to the doctor's office.  I stopped at a busy intersection at a red light (it is once again POURING rain) and a woman on a CELL PHONE rear-ended my car!!  I got out, inspected my car - no damage - and then inspected the woman (who was profusely apologizing "I was in a hurry!"  "Really?" said I.)  I noticed she had an Obama/Biden sticker on her car and, since there was no damage, we exchanged business cards and I forgave her.

I continued to my doctor, where they examined me thoroughly and took my blood pressure.  After sitting for about 20 minutes, my pressure was down to 
140/70 - so I went home.  All was well - and still is.

Then I talked on the phone with my Nephrologist - and he wasn't worried enough for me to come in (especially since my pressure had come down sufficiently) and we made plans for an office visit in a week.

So that's my week.  I am still in the smaller pants that I haven't worn since 1984.  

Now you know everything EXCEPT: the doctors and I think the kidney function going bad is a result of the blood pressure patch coming loose.

Pray that we are right, please.  Thank you.

Now you know.       


NeenahPaper said...

My favorite part is forgiving the woman because she is a Democrat. God provides.

NeenahPaper said...

This is Matt, not Neenah Paper. Glad you are feeling better.