Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I am on a 800-a day regimen, under doctor's supervision, so don't freak out:  I have been asked to post what I'm eating and give tips, so here goes.

1.  Keep a diary.  Learn the calories of everything you put in your mouth and write it down.
2. You can go to  and work that site and fine the calorie count.
You will have to convert grams to ounces, but you're a big person. 23 grams is an ounce.  Ok I helped you.
3.  You must prepare your own food and NOTHING can be packaged or contain additives.
Yes, you can do it.  I prepare my meals in 15 minutes or less (or I don't eat them.  
4.  Here's what I ate today (so this is my diary entry for today)

3 oz Activia Lite = 150 calories ( not the greatest breakfast but more later on breakfast ideas) Activia was all I had in the house.

2 oz. tuna canned in WATER Only = 90 calories (I used Skipjack Tuna from Whole Foods and I used half a can and put the other have covered in the fridge for tomorrow.
5 button mushrooms cup up = 10 calories
2 stalks celery sliced into little pieces = 0 calries (but you get to CHEW)
6 grape tomatoes sliced in half = 25 calories
Generous sprinkle of Cider Vinegar and Pepper

That's 125 calories and it was 4 cups of food and a lot of chewing - YAY!
At the store I snuck 1/2 cup of cantaloupe = 50 calories

So lunch was 175 calories

4 oz Perdue chicken breast = 115 calories cooked (5oz frozen - I buy them fresh in the 5-pack and freeze them individually - they come wrapped separately for that!  Thank you, Frank Perdue.
1 cup mixed vegetables (a frozen mix of corn, edemame (sp?) carrots and peas = 50

So dinner was 165 calories

That's 490 calories so far, and yes, it's not enough.  So

 I am leaving 200 calories uneaten for a 10pm snack because I'm diatetic (slightly)

So I will have probably some protein (Healthy Choice Peanut Butter) or 2 tablespoons of Breyer's Carb-Smart Vanilla with splenda.

That's my food today and I'm fine with it.  Keep it simple and easy.  If I can't prepare it in 15 minutes I don't eat it.  I use a microwave and a George Forman grill.

Oh, and I drink all the diet soda, decaf coffee or tea I want.

Hope that helps.  I will be posting this every day.  YOU CAN DO IT.  It's hard when you have to share your fridge with someone else, especially if you have to cook for them.  But you can section off your fridge and THEY can learn to prepare their own food.  Or eat away from home.

Oh By the way, I have lost already 126 pounds over 10 years.  And most of what I know I learned from Dr. Musante at Structure House in Durham, North Carolina.

You can make ANYTHING work if you want it badly enough.  Throw away every morsel of food in your house that is not on your eating program.  Don't look at food commercials on television!  They are designed to make you hungry and to spend money.

Perhaps soon I will blog about how to eat at a restaurant and stay on your eating program.  Yes, even at fast food places.

Learn the calories of everything, write it down and face what you are putting in your body.  Some people weigh every day (first thing in the morning, completely naked, please) and some weigh once a week.  I prefer daily.

And take a walk.  Don't exercise, but do move around.  Start with a block and work up to a mile.  After you've done that you can start going to a gym, but just WALK FIRST.

Hope this helps.  Let me know.  I will answer any and all questions.


Chatham Gardens said...

I am pulling for you Richard - you've done it before and I know you can do it again. You blog is motivating and extremely helpful. I am a water drinker vs. diet soda - personal preference, not righteous bullshit - otherwise your choices for an 800 calorie meal plan sounds great.xox, Rita

Courtney Durham Meiswinkel said...

This is great! I love that you prepare everything! That is one of my downfalls. Yeah Richard!!

Rick said...

I can't think of anything more depressing than a daily diary of food intake. Maybe one of my exploits from the 80's but I'm not sure?
Good for you Richard! I can see how a diary helps tremendously. I figure sometimes I consume 200-500 calories just while cooking and sampling. I used to choose to believe calories consumed in the car did not count towards my daily total. I've come to realize that this is a myth.
I'll be looking forward to your posting Richard!