Thursday, July 12, 2012


Well, I made it for one day and I followed my plan.  That's the secret:  make a plan and stick to it and don't let anything or anybody come in your way.  YOU are what matters.

My fasting blood sugar this morning was 106.  Yay!  It is usually around  135, which is OK, but 106 is primo.

Tip for the day:  Forget SALT.  You don't need it.  If you learn to realize the real taste of food, you will be so much better off.  You will get sodium naturally in almost everything you eat, so don't try to rationalize "Oh, I can't eat without salt".  BULL SUGAR.  You have LEARNED to like salt.  And you can UNLEARN IT just as quickly.  Yes, I am screaming.  And none of this BULL on the Food Network when they say, "Salt brings out the taste of food.  IT'S A LIE.  Salt bring out the taste of salt.  And I promise you that if you teach your tongue to enjoy the real natural taste of food, when you achieve that, you won't be able to stand the taste of salt.  I am living proof.

Enough preaching.  Here's my food intake for the Day 2:

Activia = 70 calories.
Cantaloupe = 50 calories
1 hard-boiled egg = 70 calories.

That's 190 calories
Hint: you can buy eggs hard-boiled in the better markets.
If you want a lesson in how to hard-boil one, ask me.  Simple. 

Lunch - basically same as yesterday, but with adjustments
4 oz Skipjack Tuna in water = 90 calories
2 full stalks of celery cut lengthwise and then chopped - 5 cal.
8 button mushrooms chopped = 20 cal.
6 grape tomatoes halved lengthwise 20 cal.
1 Tbs. Hellman's Lite Mayo = 70 cal.
Splash of Apple Cider Vinegar = 0 cal.
Mix well and it's a chewing festival

That's 280 calories - so I am still within target range

Blood sugar before dinner = 97

4 oz Angus beef steak = 200 Cal (cooked on Forman grill)
1 c. Broccoli and Caulilower = 70 cals (microwaved) 

That's 270 calories
Total so far is 620 (leaving about 150 for snack before bed)

One last word about salt:  or rather salt substitutes such as No Salt, etc.  They are potassium chloride.  You must be careful using them because potassium levels directly affect your heart.

That's it for today.

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