Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Everyone is praising me and telling me how disciplined I am.  And I thank you all.  But why start something you're not going to finish?  And the REASON for my determination?  I have been told that if I do not lose the weight, thereby lowering the blood pressure and blood sugars, I will need either DIALYSIS or a KIDNEY TRANSPLANT in 5 years.  And dialysis is UGLY and a transplant is out of the question.  So I eat right and take care of myself.  Hence, this eating program.

DAY 7 - Morning sugars = 114 (and no diabetic meds)
1 hard-boiled egg = 70
1 slice Boar's Head lo-sodium ham = 60
Activia Lite = 70
Total, so far = 200 cals. 

Half slice Boar's Head Provalone Cheese = 50
Perdue Chicken Breast = 140
Pickle Relish 1 Tbs. = 20 
Hellman's Lite Mayo = 70
1 celery stalk = 0
That's 280 Calories for lunch (and I made chicken salad)

Snack mid afternoon =1/2 Apple = 60 cal

4 oz Angus chuck steak grilled = 200 cals
90 gms Veggies in micro = 70 cals
That's 270 Calories for dinner
Total for the day = 810 calories for the day - good

200 reserved for bedtime snack.

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Rick said...

I’m sure the pharmaceutical companies have got plans to shut this blog down.