Thursday, November 18, 2010


When I am alone and have some time to kill, I make a wisdom list; it is a little pep talk I give myself with pen and paper. The time spent doing so is always worth it, and it is an intelligent-looking way to pass the time if people are staring at you. There is a treasure chest of greater thoughts within, but for them to come out you will need a simple writing instrument (a crayon will do) and a flat surface. You are your own best coach, but you need to review the game plan once in a while.

My composure list consists of some pretty simple sayings like:

1. Just let it go.
2. Control is a painful illusion; stay away from it.

3. It does not have to work my way.
4. Avoid those that seek to control; do not self-destruct with them.

5. The universe includes me but is not run by me.

6. This too will pass.

7. Acceptance is the first step in making changes.
8. Obsessing on anything makes me a slave to it.

If it is a lengthy flight or a slow waiter, the list may be much longer. There is no harm in that. Give your mind something to do. Review the list, but do not turn it into some sort of self-created set of commandments. These are reminders not laws. Their purpose is to guide not measure. Using them as an evaluation tool will make you feel lousy.

Do not form them into questions like: Am I calmer than I used to be? By doing so, your ego will pit you against yourself. Just reflect a little.

The soul is calmed and inspired by having an opportunity to talk to itself in its own terms.
There is more wisdom within you than you might realize. Take a topic or theme and begin a wisdom list. Whether three or thirty things come to mind is not the issue. What counts is allowing the spring within to flow (Jesus' "living waters" promise). The best advice may be your own - right from within the center of your own being. Grab a pen and open the well!

Dale Andrews

And here's good news: Dale's book will be out in time for Christmas gifts. (More later)

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