Monday, May 10, 2010


The divine Lena Horne has died. She was a Broadway and Hollywood star who lived a life filled with controversy.

While at MGM in the 40's and 50's she was never allowed to appear or even speak to a white person on film. She usually appeared in musical sequences, except for "Cabin In The Sky" and "Stormy Weather" - the two films which made her a household name.

She came back to Broadway in the 70's with "Lena Horne - A Lady and Her Music" which combined her life story told through song and some pretty incredible singing for a 70-year-old woman. Get that recording if you can and listen to it!

We will never see the likes of her again. Elegant, stylish, beautiful and talented: that was Lena!

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Matthew Porter said...

You are the official obit writer of the stars. This is the second scoop in a less than two weeks you have provided me concerning the passing a Legend. Lena was Stormy Weather, baby, dark, light and dramatically beautiful.