Wednesday, March 31, 2010


More Wisdom from Dale:

You just cannot beat what is. Reality is just there. It is right in front of us - within us - always has and always will be. The basics to reality are clear: you were born; you will die. Pretty simple. Humanity's efforts to defy those facts range from tragic to hilarious. Those that work the hardest denying their mortality are the most tragic figures in history. The pretenders are next in line. The saints and heroes are the ones that embrace life at its raw edges and affirm the "I Am" of life.

Here we are. We are nowhere else. What mental games do you play to avoid the simple truths of being? Which is your drug of choice - denial or escape? Both are temporary. I suggest a "face-on" approach. It works better. Accept the basic facts of life then get creative - not as an escape but as an expression of life as art.

Me? I use humor. Call the realities of life grim if you so choose - and in a way they are - but leave room for the laughter that takes you above the "facts" of life and death. Do not wait for things to be okay. Just smile where you are and celebrate the mystery of life itself. Life is full of contradictions and various seeming insanities. Just go with it. There is no need to pretend that it is something else.

Feeling a little crazy? Just look at what is. That may not be pleasant at first, but reality therapy is the way to go. Accept where you are in life. Do not compare yourself to others. You are where you are. YOU are what is!

Dale Andrews

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