Wednesday, March 17, 2010


(My friend Dale Andrews is so wise and such a good writer. I am begging him to publish a book or two. I give you his latest wisdom - here in green for St. Paddy's Day. Enjoy!)

Every so often, I have to explain something to my dog. I usually have to explain it again each time the situation arises. For example, I have to open the front door and then the back door for him to see that if it is raining in the front yard it is also raining in the back yard. He likes working all of his options. He just has not figured out yet that clouds are bigger than the house.

Sometimes I have to explain to him that cheese makes him fat. He still thinks that if the refrigerator door opens a piece of cheese is part of the deal. Several times he has told me that he does not worry about his weight. He reminds me that I am the one that had the heart surgery - not him.

Sometimes I wonder how the distance between dogs and humans is like that between humans and God. I wonder how many times I have to have the same proofs - over and over again - about gravity, time, the needs of the soul, and a thousand other things. In my mind I see God opening the front door and then the back to let me see that my expectations are limited.

Theology: greatly simplified language to bridge the gap between beings that are not equal. My "dog house" of a mind has its limitations. I look at God with all the puzzlement that my dog looks at me when he just does not understand. My response parallels God's. I recognize the limitations and make all sorts of allowances for it. After all, your dog is being all he or she can be - and you are too.

You are still loved by the Greater Being - limitations and all.

Dale Andrews

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