Saturday, March 20, 2010


(It sorta looked like this, so you get the idea!)

This morning (Saturday) I awoke to dress and go to a rehearsal of the Fauré Requiem at a local church where my good friend and voice student, Tom Terry, is singing the baritone solos. This morning's rehearsal was with orchestra, so I especially needed to be there not only to support Tom, but to make sure he could be heard in this big church over all those strings and organ, etc. !

I eased into the back row and the music began. The choirmaster is a friend and while he was singing she turned and asked if I could hear him. I said, "No, not at all."

So she had him move to the front of the podium beside her. This was much better and I was pleased.

There was a big, burly gentleman sitting across the aisle from me - I didn't know this man.

After Tom finished singing he came back where we were both sitting and said to the man, "This is Richard Wall, the best thing that ever happened to Chapel Hill, NC!"

Unable to take that in and, without thinking, I said, "Listen, the best thing that ever happened to Chapel Hill is that Jesse Helms died."

I made a funny today.

Sometimes the funny man just whispers these things in my ear.

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