Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Born on this date in 1890 delightful actress Marjorie Main starred in hundreds of various roles: Ma of Ma and Pa Kettle, The Egg and I, The Harvey Girls, Friendly Persuasion.

The best story about her is that she was quite the eccentric: Not only is it reported that she was "very friendly" with Spring Byington; she also talked to her dead husband all the time, especially on the set of her movies. She would be standing there talking to you and, all of a sudden, she would turn and say "Yes, dear." apparently to the husband.

She was also germaphobic. She made the make-up people open new combs in her presence before they could be used on her hair. She also wore tissue paper UNDER her stockings and underwear to prevent germs from infecting her. Strange, indeed!

But she was a delightful actress and has certainly left her mark on our memories.

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CJ/Rick said...

I liked her in The Women as well.