Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The beloved folk singer Mary Travers has died at age 72. She was part of the famous folk trio Peter Paul and Mary. They are so much a part of the history of my younger days in the 60's - protesting with their songs so many cruel injustices which went on in this country.

They were the first concert I ever went to in college. It was at Stetson University in the fall of 1962. They were delayed in landing at Daytona Airport because of weather and we sat in the concert hall for 4 hours until they got there.

The concert started at about 11 pm that night and they sang a full 2-hour show, including all their wonderful hits. Gone are the days.

I will miss Mary Travers.
Here's her OBIT


CJ/Rick said...

So many great songs!

Mel said...

I, too, was at the concert held in Elizabeth Hall's small auditorium that November evening. I've never been to another concert I enjoyed so much or remember so well.