Monday, June 16, 2008

Things To Come (I promise)

My dear friend Tom says I should write a book called "Elevator Stories" because of every celebrity I have encountered courtesy of "Mr. Otis" and some guy named "Serge".

I also promise to tell my Jackie O story (long before she was "O"). I promise, I promise!!

I have a book to write also, but several people have to die first. Honestly.

Also to come: Elizabeth Taylor Story, Barishnykov Story, Zinka Milanov Story, Lily Tomlin Story. Yes, I was there for all of their comments. Oh, and several Ethel Merman tales to tell!!

I've got to go dream something else. Later, dahlings. (Yes I have a real Tallulah story, too.)


CountyBoyNYC said...

i think you're book should be called I'M DETERMINED TO TALK TO YOU or CASSAROLES I HAVE MADE. MWAH !

Richard Wall said...

Which casserole??? Or which jello salad??? WHICH!!!