Monday, June 16, 2008


Go to my friend Kenneth's Blog at and look at what fun it is to have fun. Kenneth's a star blogger and has inspired these old fingers to give it a try. So support her, er...his blog and make me happy. Ta, darlings, for now.

Here I am with Kenneth and friend Matt (my stalkers) at Lincoln Center showing of Parting Glances" last fall. I'm the one with the "Smoking Glasses"!

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CJ said...

Welcome to the blog world. I was pleased to read about/of you on Kenneth's blog. I am a BIG fan of your Parting Glances film. It was very important to a closeted homo that had moved from the hills of AR to Houston to take in as many gay films as possible at the local Landmark theatres. I'm anxious to have it on DVD.
I'll look forward to reading your blog and all your goings on.