Monday, October 6, 2014


Had my first visit to the Carolina Dialysis Clinic this morning and they inspected my catheter and tested it and it's working perfectly.  I learned some of the technique of hooking the catheter up to the solution for dialysis.

I next go back to Pinehurst Surgical for a follow-up visit with the surgeon, then I return to Dialysis Clinic next Friday.

All is well in this amazing adventure I'm on to stay alive.  Thanks to Carol Johnson, Mason Cordell, Stephen Lair, Michele and Ryan Widd and Tom Terry for shopping, driving and caring for me in the past weeks.

Keep me in  your prayers, please.


Rick said...

Thank you Stephen Lair, Michele and Ryan Widd and Tom Terry for looking out after my on line friend.

larryholliday said...

Those of us who are not near at hand are most thankful to Stephen, Michele, Ryan and Tom as well as the medical personnel helping Richard during his transition to dialysis.
You are certainly in our prayers, Richard. Do as the medical pros recommend and Godspeed.

Beats said...

So glad all is going well, and God bless Team Diva for their love and support! xoxox

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