Monday, April 21, 2014


Please excuse the informality of this blog, but it is easier for me to blog this information than to write each of you personally.

I went today for Transplant (kidney) workup and, long story short, the doctor convinced me to stop the transplant process.

With my history of mini-strokes, my age, and other physical maladies such as weight, surgery is not an option for me.  The risks of surgery for me are too great, the possibilities of a major stroke.

So, the risks outweigh the benefits.  

My kidneys are stable and if I keep on my eating regimen and other things I have been told to do, maybe in the future I might have to have dialysis.

So the doctor ordered the transplant process to stop.

And I am a happy man today.


NeenahPaper said...

Live is about quality, not quantity. Our lust for quantity is what gets most of us in trouble. Love you Richard and I am believe you and your doc have made a great decision. Good think the American Diner is too far, far, far away to tempt you.

Unknown said...

My mom was told in her 60's that she would eventually need dialysis and eventually a kidney transplant. Through diet and mild exercise her kidney function stabilized. She lived to 80 years old and never needed either. And, she didn't die from kidney failure. I guess I'll have to come up with another reason to visit you. A BETTER reason.

Mark Rosen said...

Richard, here for you.. so sorry.. but look at the bright side like you have said.. diet, diet, diet.. you are trying to do everything the right way.. so just keep it up and lets see where you go from here... thanks for the update......

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