Tuesday, September 3, 2013



DEAR PRESIDENT OBAMA,  I voted for you and I support you.  HOWEVER,

While chemical warfare is hideous and wrong, it is also against the Geneva Convention.  Is this not a matter for the World Court in the Hague?  Why not bring charges against this heinous dictator ASSAD in the World Court and prosecute him for crimes against humanity?  When he is found guilty, then punish him severely.
What is happening in Syria is wrong, but it IS a civil war in that country - and we should let them settle their own differences.  Support the right side but we have no right to BOMB them in any way.
With or without congressional approval, making more war to stop war is pure escalation.
Please DESIST and take this to the World Court. 


Beats said...

Here here! Exactly what I am thinking. The only military intervention we should be having right now is intervening with the Veteran's Administration to make sure everyone who serves is getting all the help and benefits they so richly deserve.

Doc Fabiano said...

Well said. It is my firm conviction that the man is not qualified for his position as "president" and my feelings about how he has failed the country aside, he certainly does not have the experience or know how to effect an positive American position regarding not just Syria, but the entire Middle East situation. He has cheapened the office and in many ways demonstrated that our country is not worthy of the global respect it formerly held. About the only tactic that hasn't been tried in all the years of the Middle East conflict is to let them sort it out themselves. That we think we can change centuries of political, social, and religious culture with our "world's policeman" approach is ludicrous.