Sunday, July 28, 2013



Phyllis is being cranky, but I think it's her thermostat or, possibly her "cluster".  Have you ever heard of a cluster?  I hadn't until last year.  It's a "brain" inside your steering column which regulates everything on your dashboard.  Who knew?

Last year my speedometer stopped working.  Just stopped.  My mechanic said, "it's the cluster".  New one is $700, used one is $350 - buy with used you might be inheriting someone elses' car problems.    Who knew?

So tomorrow morning, I'm going to find out.  It's a diagnostic.  Pray that it's the thermostat, because they are $19.00 which is about what I have left for July.  Ha!

You gotta laugh (or slit your won throat - right?)   

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