Sunday, July 21, 2013


So it's been almost 2 weeks.  The ONLY word I have heard further is:  "Please help us fund raise to pay for  transplants.

I get the feeling this whole thing is about money and that's kinda disgusting, y'know?  I feel as though if I help fund raise, I will get higher up on the list of recipients for a new kidney.They assure us that's not the case, but you can't help what you FEEL, now can you?

I left the Kidney Health and Transplant Facebook  group because it was making me NUTS - most of those people are on dialysis (I'm not) or already have their transplants ( I  don't ).  So what was the point?  My doctor agreed.  


Rick said...

I'm sorry you're going through all of this Richard. I agree. Sometimes you just can't help how you feel.

larryholliday said...

I have a similar reaction to making a political donation online. It opens the floodgates to non-stop solicitations.
When it comes to a critical health problem, however, one does not expect to encounter the kind of badgering that you relate. I am glad that you shared your feelings about this issue, which helps open our eyes a bit. How much money one raises does not alter need. I hope that you are not subject to this kind of "reward system."
Keep us up to date, Richard