Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Dale Evans - "Queen of the West"
 My father had 2 rifles that he hunted birds with; and he carried a revolver in the glove compartment of his Buick. I was not allowed to touch them. They were never loaded. But he NEVER had a semi-automatic.

And I had a BB Gun in the 6th grade, as most boys did, plus a fake Roy Rogers pistol and studded belt. (I thought I was Dale Evans, however, see above.)

AND the only time I ever fired one of my father's guns was when he had a chicken that had rickets and we took it out to a field and he had me shoot that hen at a range of about 20 feet. I aimed and fired. It hurt my shoulder but it pulverized the chicken. I've never forgotten.

And finally, at Georgia Military Academy (don't ask!) I was given an M1 rifle to disassemble and clean and march around with. I hated that so I played in the band and marched with my clarinet.  

I'm just sayin':  That stuff never taught me to be a killer. 

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