Saturday, September 29, 2012


Say what you will, I say there are angels among us.  And today I met some of them.

First, in my parking lot a friend stopped me and brought me a message from my trombone player from the Harlequin Dinner Theatre in the 70's!  I asked, "How did my name come up?"  And he said, "I just told him I lived in Chapel Hill and he said, I guess you know Richard Wall."  Astounding, as they were BOTH trombone players for me at one time or another.

They never forget me:  whether that's good or bad I don't know.  But there ARE angels.

THEN (as if that weren't enough) my transmission on my Impala has not been happy, and I emailed my friend Ben Mintz (a mechanical genius) what to do.  And Ben told me to get Lucas Additive and put it in the transmission.  I don't know Lucas Additive from Chinese Checkers but.....

So there I am at Advance Auto Parts in the pouring rain having bought Lucas Additive and I'm outside with my walker trying to get the hood open on my car - and not succeeding.  

Up walk 3 guys (again in the pouring rain) "Can we help you??"  

"Bless your hearts," said I.  

"We like the sticker on your car"  (Obama/Biden).

Turns out they're from Mt. Airy, NC and we get to talking about Andy Griffith and all that and they fix my transmission.  And all the while we're discussing Obama and what a wonderful guy he is.

You wouldn't ever think these guys were Democrats, loving, handsome and able to fix my car.

THERE ARE ANGELS - and today I met 4 of them.

GOD IS GOOD and so is Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard... just letting you know I've been enjoying your blog for some time now. Congratulations on your health gain!
Doug "your trombonist from the Harlequin"

Rick said...

Angels huh? Richard you always attract the good natured typed. It must be your smile not the bumper sticker.