Wednesday, July 4, 2012


My friend wrote this and gives me permission to share it with you.


Happiness is watching the copulation of butterflies; The smells of a basil plant after a rain; Tickling your best friends big toe; Not eating garlic ice cream; Throwing a computer out of the window from the top floor when it stubbornly beeps NO; Mailing that letter which has been in your bag for two weeks; Asking questions; Not being bitten by the mosquito who has been circling your nose for the past ten minutes; Crying in a good movie; The smell of the Paris subway;  Slapping a mosquito dead so hard that it; Hearing that song again; Sleeping next to the light breathing of a warm body; Arriving; And then leaving; An unsolicited thank you; A piano arguing with a violin; Driving through a white birch forest; Not gaining the three pounds you thought you had after eating too much of the best tasting thing that ever made you salivated; Turning off  anything which makes artificial sounds; Petting a horse’s nose; Making pickles; A hug; And another hug; Salivating over a Parisian flan and crepe within five minutes; Reading in the rain; When the pain goes away; The first sight of Mrs. Robin in the spring;  My song sung; Being alone to fart whenever you feel like it; Riding alone in a totally dark elevator; Coming; And then going; Walking into a clean kitchen; Finally finding it; Planting a seed; Making the bed; Receiving a call from a son; Finding the top of a desk; Reading Melville; Double ‘entrandres’; Having air conditioning in three digit heat; Being able to say no; Remembering where it is; Finishing it; Not finishing it; Driving under a canopy of bright green trees; Taking off the second shoe; A favorite dream which reappears without warning; Discovering the peculiar; Thinking about thirteen things at once and then thinking about nothing; Order from chaos & the chaos of order; Arriving without of taking more than three wrong turns; A mouthful of Mozzarella, basil and a tomato right off the vine; Being the passenger; Watching that present being opened;  When the plane’s wheels touch ground; Looking up to the sky just as a falling star winks.
Good morning.
July 4th 2012

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SLO Mary said...

This is beautiful. I'm going to copy it when I get home and read it on my "down" days. I'm in Minnesota right now. Lots to be happy about here. Mary