Monday, May 30, 2011


Ok, PT exercises in the bed are working and I'm doing them twice a day: once when I wake up and once just before I go to sleep. It's very convenient. And I can tell they are WORKING!

Friends visited me this weekend - I'm a house-bound cripple at this point. So visits were fun. Hopefully, there will be more.

Preparing for the big Johnson wedding OUTDOORS in 95-degree heat next Saturday afternoon. Somebody bring me a fan while I play outdoors! Actually, the Johnsons are providing fans, I kid you not.

All is well. Come on down!

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CJ/Rick said...

Exercises in bed? Ahhh I remember those days.
So glad to hear you're improving and will be out entertaining soon. Don't over do it in that heat and humidity. Keep on keeping on.