Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My beloved ALL MY CHILDREN came on the air on this date n 1970. The scene: Pine Valley, New York, which later became Pine Valley, Pennsylvania.

The story line centers around Erica Kane, the most popular character in All My Children, and her many husbands -- so many, in fact, that we can't count them.

The scripts of All My Children became known for covering subjects often considered taboo on daytime soaps -- story lines about homosexuality, racial bias and war are just a few of the social issues that play out on the TV screen on a daily basis on this risk-taker of a show.

And, as other soaps died around it, whether summer, spring, winter, or fall, All My Children’s seduction of an audience continues.

I swore in 1986 that I would never watch another soap, but I got hooked and it is a regular part of my every day. Thanks, Miss A, for my addiction.

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