Thursday, August 19, 2010


Actually, my friend Patrick Cuccaro says it even better than Maureen Dowd. He has given me permission to share his thoughts with you:

"Good points she makes, but I have a different view of it. I see no inconsistencies in what the President has said on this issue. I don't see it as parsing or as backtracking. I hear it as realistic and wholly true, though not as simplistic as the media requires.

This country prides itself on allowing religious freedom. For the President to have implied otherwise would have been cause for my own personal alarm, but he did not.

It is questionably unwise to build the mosque where it is planned. Can anyone disagree with that?

What's so inconsistent about those two statements? As a matter of fact...what's even slightly upsetting about those statements. Nothing! Unless you fancy your patriotism to include territorialism. Must we always plant hedges around our property lines?

If you liked Obama to begin with, you probably understand where he's coming from on this. If you didn't like him to begin with, you don't like what he said here. Just a new chapter in the same old book.

In my opinion.

Patrick" - Thanks, my good friend for sharing this.

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