Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yes, an Edison Electric Car!

Dale is at it again! This is a good one today:


We are used to the twin themes of progress and evolution. Life is indeed a journey; things have changed rapidly in our lifetime. Whether this is true progress, the evolving of an advanced species, or just another cycle in the greater scheme of things remains to be seen. There is something about us that yearns for accomplishment and a sense of continual improvement. We build our towers of Babel just in time to be scattered in chaos. It seems that whatever stimulates a civilization's growth eventually becomes the same factor that completely undoes it. Reality is riddled with paradox.

The earliest cars were electric. They were quiet and clean. Someday we will have to pick up where we left off with that one. We "progressed" with another fuel. It may be the paradoxical progress that does us in. Lessons learned on a grand scale tend to be cataclysmic. What works for the few may not work for the many.

Moral and spiritual progress is a little harder to detect. It is easy to confuse technologic progress with ethical or moral progress. Reading the news makes one wonder just how far out of the cave we have come in our spiritual evolution. Replacing churches with consumer businesses may not have been the best move. The separation of church and state looks pretty good on paper, but it appears to be more than a bit schizophrenic in practice. The paradox emerges. The state becomes the church in the name of not being the church.

I would like to come back in a few thousand years to see how this era turned out. Did I evaluate is pessimistically when I was here? Did my intuition warn me of some downward slope? Am I getting worse while thinking I am getting better? Is there paradox to my own imagined progress?

Let's meet again in a few centuries and see how this one turned out.

Dale Andrews
Time Traveler


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