Saturday, March 13, 2010


While dealing with a whole bunch of stress in my life this morning, I realized something.

I was watching the Food Network and Alton Brown was blabbering - I loathe, hate and despise him. I want to erase him from The Mind Of Mankind. Him and that damned woman who hypes PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE. That said, it occurred to me, the following:

"All I have to do is change the channel and those assholes won't be there any more. And that's the way I intend to live the rest of my life. If something bothers me, I will just change the channel. I don't have to endure or dwell ANYTHING, do I?" Maybe I just grew up.

Thanks for listening, I'm sure. If I tune you out, you'll know.


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CJ/Rick said...

Easier said than done Richard. I loathe the morning news shows when they rush through a segment I'm interested in or end it abruptly. They do this day after day yet I still watch. I'm stupido!