Thursday, January 21, 2010


"The UNC Dance Marathon is a yearlong student fund raiser started 11 years ago. Since its start, more than $2 million have been raised to benefit N.C. Children's Hospital. Last year alone, more than $394,000 was raised. This year, 1600 students have made a commitment to stand on their feet for 24 hours and raise at least $150.

Since 1998, the UNC Dance Marathon has continued to expand its presence within N.C. Children's Hospital. The For the Kids Fund provides for expenses not covered by insurance or Medicaid that families may not otherwise be able to afford along with their child's hospital bills. By helping to relieve families from everyday financial burdens, the fund allows them to focus on what really matters: caring for their children. Social workers within the N.C. Children's Hospital allocate the funds to families on an as-needed basis. Based on private conversations with families, social workers are able to determine where to disperse the For the Kids Fund. Join us in making 2010 the best year the UNC Dance Marathon has seen yet!"

The dates of the Marathon are February 19 & 20, 2010. DONATE!!!

The website to donate is HERE: CLICK

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