Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ok, I'm guilty of using my cell phone in the car while driving.

I do NOT text while driving, but I do talk on my phone quite often. I can see how looking away from the road to dial could be quite dangerous.

In my state, North Carolina, it is illegal to text while driving. How does the traffic cop know if I'm texting or just dialing? Or is it the same thing. I don't know!!

I will admit that it's probably a very bad thing to do. But is it any more dangerous that looking down at your radio or your GPS - both which require you to take your eyes off the road!! Don't get me started on GPS. (Learn to read a map!!)

One solution that came to me: If this is such a problem, then the state should require a device in the car which literally prevents your cell phone from working if your wheels are turning. That would certainly solve the problem.

But it would probably never pass any legislature, Now, would it?

Think about it. I dial while I'm still parked - and not while I am driving. And I answer the phone when it rings.

We need to work out this problem!!

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