Thursday, December 31, 2009


What will you remember about 2009
and the first decade of the new century?

I'm curious to know.
Tell me
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Most of this decade has been life in the South after a long stay in the West (and a brief failed marriage)...heart friends...the beach...the beach...the beach...

It was a great decade - disasters and all. 9/11 did not scare me away from flying...nor will any other religious fanatic...

It has been a great adventure - and it continues to be...

The best years are happening now...

As for events: I'm old enough and wise enough to ignore politics. In principle everything is just the same old thing, but my sense of humor has managed to warp itself so that old events are even funnier.


Anonymous said...

I guess that the first decade in the century will be marked with 9/11 as the most "stand alone" event of the decade. There as been much tragedy in the world in this decade, marked by greed, thoughtlessness, terror, unrest, and apathy.

For me personally, it will be remembered as a decade of passionate commitment to building a business that was meaningful to many people that provided help where there was no help before it's existence. I am very proud of what we accomplished, but is bitter sweet because the demise of the business occurred at the hands of a trusted individual. So it ended as a sad event for me personally and because I know it was felt by many who were counting on the continuation of care.

My family however, on a lighter note has been nothing but a JOY to me. The decade has brought grandchildren, happy children. The fruits of our efforts to bring contributing individuals into our world has been very satisfying. My husband is my hero and my life partner. I am privileged to be associated with him. He is contributing to the betterment of our society too.

We have together been able to help some young people, beside our own, to see that being positive and giving back to the world, gives us a sense of belonging and worth.

My hope for the next decade is that we continue to touch others in a positive way, and help the world understand that kindness and commitment are essential to our lives on earth. Humor, tolerance, humbleness, living simply, and loving one another, no matter what, will ensure a better world. I believe this with all my heart.

DS Mark said...

For the first decade, the shuttle Columbia will always stand out for me. I never get up early on the weekends and just happened to that day. Got online to read the breaking news of its destruction.

Anonymous said...

World wide - the 9/11 attack on New York City. I guess everyone would say that and I will never, ever forget it as long as I live. I had just, the evening before, returned home from Germany and was catching up on my sleep when a friend called to see if I had gotten home. I called in some guys who were painting our house and we watched it all unfold. Ivy was flying for Delta at the time and she called as soon as she could to say that she was all right.

Also the local Mother's Day tornado of 2007 will always be remembered by Chris and me since we were in the house when it blew through our yard. We have just finished cleaning up form that disaster.

Art is my politics (and sometimes it is my religion also) so while the news is filled with politics I perfer to withdraw from that areana and also from the sports mania! I'm sure some people don't consider me very good comapny.

Those two things were pretty tramatic but life has been good for us and there are many good memories of the everyday variety that outweigh the horrific ones. We have our health, each other and two wonderful daughters who are doing well and are happy with their lives. I find retirement an interesting and very liberating stage of life. For the first time since I have been old enough to be in control of my own life I am not directly responsible for anyone but myself. It is certainly a unique place to be. I've learned that you never know what is around the corner and I do wonder what 2010 will bring. I wish for you peace, health and contentment with just enough excitement mixed in to make it all interesting. Take care. Happy New Year! R

Anonymous said...

Let's the first decade of the 21st century I..
1. retired from a job I had held for 35 years
2. My husband died
3. My mother died
4. I lost my job
5. My son lost his job

Here's hoping that 2010 is the beginning of a better decade.