Sunday, December 13, 2009


There are some things which just make me nuts:

1. Sitting in a restaurant watching people order a drink of tea, water, soda or anything. Then they ask for a straw. And they put the glass down on the table and bend over the glass and drink through the straw without picking the glass up. I just hate that rudeness.

2. People who say "jullary" INSTEAD of "jewell-ry". JU-well-ree!! Damnit!

3. People who simply cannot read a map, or a set of directions to get somewhere. They MUST have a GPS. What are they going to do when the GPS doesn't work? Just stand there, I guess. ..LEARN TO READ A MAP.

4. People who INSIST that Barack Obama is a Muslim terrorist. That's just plain stupid, folks!


DS Mark said...

I got an expensive GPS from my mom for Christmas last year. Still in the box!

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