Monday, October 12, 2009


Carol, my rescuer and friend
Rhomboideus major, the villain

I've been having great pain in my left shoulder and all down my arm.

It has even affected my playing the piano and organ severely. Can't have that!

Finally yesterday I mentioned it to my friend Carol Johnson, who knows Everything there is to know about fresh hells. Carol started feeling around on my back on the left side and BINGO, she touched this place where it hurt and I went up through the roof in pain.

"Oh, that's your rhomboid," says Carol.

I trust her in all things, so I called my doctor and asked for a Rx to my physical therapist to get this worked on. My doctor suggested it might take a cortisone shot, also.

Fresh hell. Trust me. And thanks, Carol, for so many, many things.

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CJ/Rick said...

I think my rhomboid was acting up after pulling that damn weed eater cord a dozen or so times yesterday. :(