Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Richard's note: (This guy just may be a prophet in disguise!)

The most important thing you do today may be something you will not even notice that you did. The Divine measure of things is generally the reverse of what we think is supposed to happen. The "to do" list on your desk or in your head will not have the notation. Even if it did, it would be nowhere near the top. We have been on life's stage so long that we have forgotten what (or better yet Who) is behind the curtain directing life's play.

When you wake up in the morning, the automatic priority cycle begins: What day is this? Oh yes, this is (whatever day) and it is the day that I have to get this done and that accomplished... God's list for us reads a bit different. It would read: The most important thing to do today is to make eye contact with a small child that is feeling bad about herself. This is also the day to breathe deeper, walk slower, laugh more, look up at the sky, smell the flowers, stop worrying, listen to the birds, quit over-thinking, watch the sunset, behold some stars, and then fall gently to sleep at day's end.

Deity also works wonderfully by distraction. Your list is going to be interrupted by people and situations that you cannot imagine. Those annoyances are probably on God's list too. They are sent to shake your ego around a bit and help you get over the idea that you are in control.

At the end of this life, you and God will compare lists. You will have some of the same entries - but only by providence. "It is not within man to direct his steps..." In the mean time, enjoy the process. Be open to whatever is about to happen. Pay attention. You are allowed to start the list over.


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