Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The Sea of Tranquility

I just had to share this one with everybody. He hits my nail on the head most every day!

The Voice Within

You can run but you cannot hide from the voice within. You can distract yourself from it, but it can penetrate any amusement and override any disaster. It is there when you wake and when you go to sleep. It is even there in your dreams. Make peace with it as soon as you can in life, because you cannot rest until you do so.

Most people know others better than they know themselves. We get lost in others to avoid the dialogue with our own souls. There is no substitute for a relationship with yourself, and there is no worse enemy than yourself. Sanity is found in the dialogue with yourself. Stop yelling at yourself and learn to listen to the voice that tries so hard to console and instruct you.

You need you worse than you can imagine. The divided soul is a horrible misery. Make friends with yourself and go through the rest of life with one clear voice in your head that discerns the complexities, comforts you in your losses, and gently instructs you in your mistakes. Of all the friends you make, you are the best there will ever be.

If you are pitted against yourself, you have created a foe that can truly wear you out. You can never fully rest until the split is healed. That healing entails a third party - or a second party outside of yourself. Enter the Lord - the Mediator of souls. The more you get to know your Creator the better you will understand yourself. After all, you are made in the image of that Divine Source.

Dale Andrews

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