Saturday, August 15, 2009


See? What you need to know: Yesterday I was at my dentist. He is a wonderful guy, a Christian and a great friend.

I take him DVD's of movies from my library every time time I go in to see him. I took him "David and Bathsheba" with Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward and he nearly flipped out. ( I try to take him Biblical themes.) Yesterday I took him the Rita Hayworth "Salome".

He is "in my mouth" yesterday and he says, "Richard, I need to talk to you about 2 movies. "The Loved One" and "Baby Jane".

I nearly plotzed. He took his hands out of my mouth and I said: "Mr. Joy Boy" (the Loved One)......and then I said, "Blanche, you know we've got RATS in the cellar?"

He screamed out loud laughing. Do you have that much fun at YOUR dentist? I ask you!


CJ/Rick said...

You're a good patient Richard. But I hate it when they talk to me and are up in my business.

Edward said...

Encino dentists are great dentists who know this about Encino and why they chose to practice there. Most dentists want the family clientele so they go out of their way to make coming to their offic