Monday, July 27, 2009


Dale has written another charmer. And it's so true!



The Creator built a sense of humor as well as a sense of purpose into the universe. There are also oddities, from the smallest subatomic particles to the shape of galaxies. Somewhere in between there is man and his dog. For all that has been studied about the animal kingdom, it is the lowly dog's tail that has the best tale to tell.

Dogs do not need to talk. They have a tail. Pay attention to it and you will know how they feel and what they want - the two things that it sometimes takes a psychiatrist to find out from a human. When only the very tip of the tail is wagging, the dog is happily anticipating that you just might be about to do something for him - like a dog treat or a walk. The second you see him doing that, you are hooked and will probably just do one of those two things. He has you.

When the whole tail wags low, it is a general happiness. The higher the tail rises and the faster it swings, the more elevated the mood. At this point, you as the dog "owner" (though he actually owns you), are about to be talked into some sort of major action: a car ride, a new dog toy, a long walk, or his favorite food.

Dogs are salesmen at heart - master manipulators for their own good (and for yours too). When the dog's tail starts to actually gyrate in a circle, and it looks like he is becoming some sort of bizarre helicopter, then the deal is done and you both know it. To the walking trail with new dog toy in tow you both go.

My dog has gotten me to do what my cardiologist could not do - walk a couple of times per day for twenty or more minutes. So, I fired my cardiologist. Dog motivation outweighs medical nagging. Petting a dog also lowers your blood pressure, so I fired the pharmacist too. There is a lot of medicine in having a pet.

Dogs are great therapists. You talk to them and they stay attentive and neutral. You can talk to them anytime you need to and you do not need to make an appointment. So, I fired my counselor. People that talk about the expenses of having a pet do not know how much a pet can actually save them. If I could teach him how to drive and clean house, then the chauffeur and the butler would be unemployed too (ok, I don't have those two people yet - but maybe someday).

If you think there is no clear message in a dog's tale, then the next time a German Shepherd runs toward you with his tail tucked between his legs...

Dale Andrews

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CJ/Rick said...

I couldn't agree more. Thanks Richard.