Tuesday, July 8, 2008


An Insider’s Guide to Jail House Cuisine

Sean Rowe, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, writes, I like to get in fights. I like to drink and drive. I like to kick the windows out of cop cars and talk shit to humorless magistrates…. I like fine dining.” Unfortunately, such vices (except for fine dining) tend to land a person in jail. And it is from his experiences in the slammer that Mr. Rowe writes of trading Ramen noodles, drinking coffee from emptied orange juice cartons, and eating a miraculous country breakfast comprised of “honest-to-God scrambled eggs, hot biscuits, strips of bacon, and grits pocked with chunks of melting butter.” Original art by Michael Brown.

This is from the new "Best Of The South" DVD - third issue from Oxford American Magazine. Please visit and support my friend Sean and the others.

Also check out Sean's article in the "N & O" Sunday Style Section.

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