Friday, July 18, 2008


The wonderful singer Jo Stafford has died today at age 90. She had perfect pitch and a perfect career. With her husband, Paul Weston she made many fine recordings, especially their hilarious send-up albums entitled "Jonathan and Darlene".

When I was in the second grade (1951) Jo released her big hit "Shrimp Boats" with the Norman Luboff Choir. I thought it was so wonderful that I took my 78 rpm copy of it to school to share with my friends.

I remember being in the back of the classroom and Buddy Hudson said something which made me mad. I turned to him and broke my record over his head!

The teacher, Mrs. V. Duggan, became incensed and warned that I might have given him lead poisoning! (Of course, he was fine.) And I went home and saved my allowance to buy another copy of my favorite song of the day. Jo was a great singer.

And Buddy Hudson remains my friend to this day!

Here's Shrimp Boats!


Kenneth Walsh said...

Why are all bullies named Buddy? Sounds like he got what he deserved!

Bryan Mc said...

Shrimp Boats is one of my favorites. Thanks for publishing her picture. She was a beauty

Anonymous said...

Jo Stafford was one of my vocal idols...such a voice, so rich and plummy, with honey tones and that amazing sense of longing that somehow came out even in the "up" numbers. Plus, she was a total genius in her Darlene Edwards persona. Thank God for recordings so that her interpretations will live on. If you don't know her "American Folk Songs" recording you are missing a lot. My special favorite from that is "Shenandoah". Rest in peace, and teach the angels a few things about singing, Jo.